Extension options for semi detached houses

Semi-detached houses provide homeowners with ample opportunities for extensions to enhance living space, or to add rooms to their homes. But what are the most effective home extension options for semi detached houses? And how can you be sure to choose the right option for your property? 

What are the effective extension options for semi detached houses?

There are a number of different extension options that can be very effective for semi detached properties. These include:

  • A rear extension
  • A side extension 
  • Loft conversions
  • A double storey extension
  • A conservatory 

A rear extension 

One popular extension choice for semi-detached houses is a rear extension. This involves extending the living space at the back of the house into the garden or outdoor space. This can be used to create a wide range of rooms, including larger kitchens or living rooms, or even home offices. This can be a good way to significantly increase the interior space within your home, without making changes to the front of the property. 

A side extension 

Another popular and effective option is a side extension, which involves extending the property to the side. This can be particularly beneficial for semi-detached houses with unused side spaces. Side extensions provide the opportunity to create extra rooms or enlarge existing ones. However, obtaining planning permission for side extensions can be more challenging due to potential impact on neighbouring properties, and careful consideration of local planning guidelines is essential.

Loft conversions 

Loft conversions are a popular choice for homeowners looking to maximize space without altering the property’s footprint. This involves converting the attic into a habitable space, such as an additional bedroom, office, or living room. Loft conversions are generally less disruptive than other types of extensions and can often be carried out under permitted development rights, although specific regulations must be followed, such as maintaining a certain roof height.

A double storey extension 

A double-storey extension is a more comprehensive option, involving both the ground and first floors. This type of extension allows for a significant increase in living space, accommodating multiple rooms and potentially transforming the entire layout of the house. Double-storey extensions, however, require careful planning and a thorough understanding of local building regulations. Additionally, consideration must be given to the visual impact on both the homeowner’s property and the adjacent semi-detached house.

A conservatory 

Conservatories remain a popular choice for semi-detached houses, offering a versatile and light-filled space that can serve as a dining area, home office, or additional living room. While conservatories are generally subject to less stringent regulations, it is crucial to choose a design that complements the existing architecture and is energy-efficient to ensure year-round usability.

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