Shape options for ground floor home extensions

If you are thinking about extending your home in the New Year, there are a number of different and important factors to consider. The extension shape can have a significant impact on the amount of space available in your new extension, as well as the visual appeal and functionality. But what are the popular and effective shape options for ground floor home extensions?

What are the popular shape options for ground floor home extensions?

There are a number of different and popular shape options for ground floor home extensions and these include:

  • Rectangular extensions 
  • L shaped extensions
  • T shaped extensions 
  • Square shaped extensions
  • Wrap around extensions 

Rectangular home extension options 

One popular shape option for your home extension is the rectangular extension. This straightforward design maximises floor space, providing ample room for various functions such as a larger living area, kitchen, or dining space. Rectangular extensions are versatile and easily blend with the existing structure, making them a popular choice for those looking to expand without radically altering the home’s appearance. However these typically only add one room to your property, or expand one particular area. 

L shaped extensions 

If you want a little more space from your home extension, or a distinctive look, an L-shaped extension is a highly effective option. This shape allows for the creation of separate zones within the extension, which is perfect for multi-use spaces or even for creating different rooms. For example, one wing of the “L” might house a new kitchen, while the other serves as an extended living room. The L-shaped design also presents opportunities for incorporating outdoor spaces like a patio or garden within the extension.

T shaped extensions 

Alternatively, a T-shaped extension can be a strategic choice, especially for properties with a broad rear elevation. The horizontal bar of the “T” can extend the living space, while the vertical bar might accommodate utility areas or additional bedrooms. This design is useful for building a connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, with the potential for large windows or glass doors to enhance natural light and visual flow.

Square shaped extensions 

Smaller square shapes extensions are also popular and may include a sunroom or orangery. While these are smaller than other extensions, this does create a light-filled space for relaxation and connection with the outdoors. Typically featuring large windows or glass walls, these extensions bring the beauty of the garden into the home. Whether used as a dining area or a tranquil reading space, this type of extension can enhance the overall living experience and add value to the property.

Wrap around extensions 

In some cases, homeowners may consider a wrap-around extension, encircling a portion of the existing home. This design choice can create a cohesive look, giving the impression that the extension is an integral part of the original structure. The wrap-around extension is versatile, allowing for various room configurations and uses, from expanding the kitchen to adding a home office.

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