Home extension options for adding a bedroom

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Home extensions can be an excellent way to add space and increase the value of your property, and these can even be used to add a bedroom to your home. This is a popular option for homeowners who need more space for a growing family, especially in light of the current property market making moving home unaffordable. But what are the effective home extension options for adding a bedroom?

What are the effective home extension options for adding a bedroom?

There are several options for extending your home to add another bedroom, and these include:

  • Creating a loft conversion 
  • Adding a ground floor extension
  • Adding a two storey extension
  • An above garage conversion

Loft conversions 

If you want to add a bedroom to your house, a loft conversion is a popular choice, especially if your attic is roomy. In most cases, loft conversions entail turning the attic into a new bedroom and adding windows to let in natural light. This kind of addition can significantly increase the value of your property and is frequently cost-effective. It’s crucial to check that your loft has the proper height and structural support before planning a conversion, though, and you will need to get in touch with the professionals to survey this. 

Ground-floor home extensions for adding a bedroom

 A ground-floor addition to your property can be a great way to add a bedroom if you have a sizable garden or outdoor space to extend into. This kind of addition usually entails building a new room on the side or the back of your house, which can be connected to the main living space or utilised independently. This can create a useful ground floor bedroom space that can be fully separate from your living room, and can even make use of the connection to the garden or outdoor space. Ground-floor additions can be made to meet your unique requirements and blend in with the existing design of your house. However, compared to other possibilities, this kind of addition may be more expensive and necessitate planning permission.

A two-storey extension 

A two-storey extension involves building both a ground floor extension, and an extension from the second floor over this ground floor extension. Essentially, this will allow you to create rooms on each floor of your home, adding useful living space or a new kitchen to the ground floor, and a new bedroom, or even a bedroom and ensuite on the second floor. If you’re thinking of extending your property to create an additional bedroom space, this can be a highly effective option that can completely transform your whole property, and significantly increase property value.

An above garage extension for adding a bedroom

If your garage is connected to your property, an above garage extension can be a great way to add space to your property and to add another bedroom. This type of extension involves extending the second floor out into the space above the garage to create an additional room on the second floor of the home. One of the biggest advantages of this is that it adds space to your property, without taking up any of your outdoor or garden space. If you are thinking of extending your property to add bedroom space, this can be a good way to add an upstairs bedroom, with plenty of space.

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