Home extension options for living rooms 

Extending the living room space can make a home more practical and also increase property value and curb appeal. But what are the effective home extension options for living rooms?

What are the different home extension options for living rooms?

Increasing the space in the living room is an important factor for many households for practical functionality. Whether you opt for an open plan space or decide to create a home extension there are a number of choices to consider. So what are the effective home extension options for living rooms? Well there are several including:

  • A single storey extension 
  • An orangery or conservatory 
  • A side return extension 
  • A garage conversion 

A single storey extension can increase living room space

Extending the back of the property into the garden space can be a good way to add more usable space to your home or property. A single storey extension is one of the most popular ways to achieve this, adding enough space for one room to the back of the property. This will only be as tall as a single storey of your property, but it can be rectangular, square or L shaped, depending on your requirements and the amount of space available.

For living room extensions, this type of extension can be perfect for extending your existing room into, increasing the space and making your home more practical. You will also have the option to open out directly into the garden space through the living room, which could involve installing some stylish bifold doors or patio doors to fill the space with natural light.

Installing an orangery or conservatory to boost living space

An orangery or a conservatory installation can be an effective option for extending the living  room space, although these are most often used as stand alone additional spaces themselves. By building an orangery or conservatory onto the back of your living room you can enjoy the natural light and the stunning views from your sofa. However, this won’t add as much space as a single storey or garage conversion.

A side return extension can increase the size of the living room

For detached or semi detached properties a side return home extension can be a good way to increase living room space. This involves extending out into the space at the side of the property and it can add pace along the length of your living room. While this does keep your garden intact, it doesn’t add as much space as a standard single storey extension.

Converting the garage for increase living space

Finally, if you have an attached or joined garage you could convert this into additional living room space. This type of conversion is highly practical and often requires less building work than a whole new extension, because the structure is already in place. If you have somewhere else to store your car and your gardening tools and equipment, this type of conversion can be perfect for a living room extension.

Choose a professional team

Whatever option you choose for extending your living space, it is important to choose a professional team to implement this. Here at DB Joinery we have the skills and expertise for any extension, and we are committed to quality and customer service. Why not get in touch today to find out more?