Effective home extension options

Here at D B Joinery and Building Services we offer a range of high quality services for all manner of joinery and building projects, across Preston and with wider Lancashire region, including Lytham and Fulwood. This includes creating stylish and useful home extensions. But what are the most effective home extension options?

What are the advantages of extending your home?

There are a number of advantages and benefits to opting for a home extension. While this can be disruptive while ongoing, the benefits a home extension can bring will far out way any temporary drawbacks. These advantages can include:

  • Increasing the space in your home- if your family or household is in need of more space, instead of selling and moving during this time of economic turmoil, a home extension can solve all your problems. From large double storey extensions, to a simple loft conversion, a home extension can add a room, or multiple rooms to your home, allowing this to be more suitable for your requirements. During the construction of a home extension it may be disruptive, but this is much less disruptive than moving your family completely. And when you work with a professional team, like us here at D B Joinery, you can be sure of regular progression upgrades and strict adherence to a pre agreed timeline.
  • Adding value to your property- a home extension can be a very effective way to add value to your home or property, because of the extra space that it offers. If a garage conversion can change your 3 bedroom home to a 4 bedroom home, you ca be sure that this can increase the value of your property by up to 40%! In addition, while a home extension may be costly, you can regain this cost through the increase in property value.

What are the most effective home extension options?

When opting for a home extension there are a number of options to choose from including:

  • A loft conversion- one of the most straight forward ways to extend your property is to install a loft conversion. This can be as simple as creating a roof light loft conversion, or as complicated as a full height or mansard loft conversion. Either way, the construction will add a usable room to your home, which can be an effective bedroom, bathroom, home office or even a home gym.
  • A garage conversion- creating an extension above a joined garage is a popular option for adding an additional bedroom to your property, while converting the garage itself into useable home space is also an effective option.
  • A single storey extension- this is probably the first thing you will think of when you think about extending your home and it will usually involve extending the ground floor at the back of your property. For properties with enough outdoor space to support this extension, it can create a flexible useful space that could be a new kitchen, lounge or even bedroom.
  • A side return extension- for semi detached or detached properties, a side return extension can add space to the rooms in your home, without eating into too much of your garden or outdoor space. What this involves is extending the home into the space at the side of the house,that usually leads to the back of the property. As a result, you will lose this path, but you will gain indoor space instead.
  • A double storey extension- finally, a double storey extension can be a great option for many properties. This is similar to a single storey extension but it also involves building out from the floor above too, to create a new room both upstairs and downstairs.

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